Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hufflepuff Movie Weekends - Spring 2011

We're going to try something different for Movie Weekends this term - TWO movies every week. Hopefully this way there will be something for everyone! Many of these movies were taken from the "Hufflepuff Favorite Movies" lists, so these movies
are chosen from among your, and your classmates', favorites

Watch the movie you like best! Watch them both! Then come chat about them on the current week's "movie weekend" thread. Tell us why your choice is the best movie, tell us all your favorite parts, tell us why we need to watch it if we haven't seen it already! Tell us about your favorite movie-watching treats, or a menu you'd choose for a movie night built around whichever movie (or movies!) you've chosen. Quote all your favorite lines. Make fun of any terrible lines. Tell us about bloopers, or parts you dislike. Tell us about an alternate ending you'd have chosen if you were in charge of the movie. Tell us why you love (or hate) the actors in it. Tell us who you'd have cast. Whatever. Just choose a movie, and come talk about it!

I'm going to try to keep the blog updated so that you'll have plenty of time to locate any movies you want to watch. I'll update it on Sunday nights, so check back often!

Okay....Movie Weekend #1 May 6, 7, 8

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo by watching films shot in Mexico! Your choices for the week are:

Romeo + Juliet (from Baz Lurhmann), which is available to view instantly on Netflix.
The Mask of Zorro!


  1. Mask of Zorro!!!! I love me some Antonio Banderas!!!

  2. I prefer Leo Dicaprio. LOL. But I'll probably watch both.