Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Weekend #11 November 12, 13, 14

No obscure holiday to celebrate this week, because...hey, who needs a holiday to celebrate Alan Rickman? Or could it be that any weekend with an Alan Rickman movie is a celebration?

This week's choices:

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ***

Quigley Down Under ***

Bottle Shock ***

Galaxy Quest

Leave a comment with your favorite title - I'll post the results November 11th.

(I'm sure there will be comments about the fact that Sense and Sensibility didn't make this list. I didn't forget it -- how could I forget Colonel Brandon? It is simply being saved for something bigger - look for it by December 1st.)

And many thanks to KnitforBrains, who thought up this weekend's theme!


  1. It always makes me laugh - there are so many funny lines, and the actors are all so great in their parts!

  2. Susan from Michigan (sdhsmc86 on Ravelry)November 7, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    Quigley Down Under

    I've never seen it!

  3. i have never seen or heard of bottle shock, so that is my vote.

  4. I'm going for Galaxy Quest this time around. I haven't seen Bottle shock though. And the other two movies are pretty good. Quigley has Tom Selleck in it too!

  5. I haven't seen Bottle Shock yet!

    (I loved him in Perfume, but it is not family friendly >_<)