Thursday, March 21, 2013

Advanced Studies - OWL Part 3

Some more beautiful completed OWLs from our wonderful Puffs!

First up with RedNu with a completed Potions OWL including a beautiful sweater and a beautiful shawl!

Next we have Marifly with a completed History of Magic OWL. She represented Professor McGonagall with her Color Affection shawl, Professor Trelawney with her Stitch Surfer socks, and Lily Luna Potter with Milo. 

Bethsmom finished this awesome sweater for her Potions OWL!

And finally I will shamelessly show off my History of Magic OWL. Top is Kleio representing Professor McGonagall, bottom left is Out of Gas representing Hermione, and bottom right is Haruni representing Gilderoy Lockhart. 

 Yay for some beautiful completed projects and good luck to those still finishing up with advanced studies!

This post brought to you by baxgirl and the letter W.

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