Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Class Coverage, 10/6/12

Happy Weekend, Badgers!

I hope you're all enjoying October...personally, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to September!  I know I missed reporting on some of your awesome homework turn-ins toward the end of the month, but I'm going to try to do better in October!

So far for October, we have some really great homework submissions!!

Ancient Runes - smbennett and starrynightsky
Charms - starrynightsky
DADA - silverbison, knittingnearsided, starrynightsky, and Jenstc2003
Flying - LumosKP and starrynightsky
Herbology - krazykt82000, Marushka, and starrynightsky
History of Magic - Dottydori and starrynightsky
Muggle Studies - kirsts
Potions - suseknits

I've noticed that there is some amazing dyeing work going on!  starrynightsky seems to be leading the pack with 6 homework submissions so far this month (Merlin's the 6th of the month??  Way to go!), all beautiful dyeing, and there are other Badgers who are also cooking up some gorgeous yarns!

One of my favorites of starrynightsky's yarns was her magic carpet yarn for Flying class, inspired by the magic carpet in Aladdin - one of the best characters in that movie!! :)

And our own Marushka took one for the team with her dyeing for Herbology - look at those hands - that is true dedication!!!

Okay, Badgers...that's it for this week!  Way to go on the 16 homework submissions so far - keep up the GREAT WORK!

LumosKP :)


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