Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Badgertastic Sorting

Knitry stands in his Hufflepuff robes and raises wand to neck and states "Sonorus" and prepares to proceed with his first Firstie Perspective as he welcomes all new and returning Badgers.

Wow folks! It's time to get ready for a new Term, Winter 2012!

Sir SortingHat has finally spoken, read it here!

So thus begins the first Firstie Perspective blog of the soon to be Winter 2012 Term!

My views on sorting is that I've never been so nerve-wracked to date in my life! After filling out the sorting form and probably bugging Sir SortingHat to no end (for which I am sorry, Sir SortingHat, have a chocolate muffin!) I was sorted after several days of checking and waiting impatiently.

It feels great to be a Badger and a First Year! And to think I had only found out about HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) within the past week! I'm loving it and the excitement is awesome. It's amazing to see how everyone can get so close knit even when you're a Not-Quite-First-Year (NQFY). I was nervous about which house I would be sorted in (if I was sorted) and was guided by Sir SortingHat to Hufflepuff based on my personality, boy he's never wrong!

Over the past few days I have learned to be a Hufflepuff at heart from my fellow Badgers because I feel at home in Hufflepuff. So I want to say thank you to all of you (especially those of you who have taken me under your wings as a Not-Quite-Hufflepuff, you know who you are) for allowing me to become a part of the Den and to feel at home.

So what are some plans for the Firstie Perspective?

I'm so excited! On top of classes (don't forget one class a month is mandatory, everything else is optional, but get more active if you can), Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs), Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (NEWTs), Quidditch, etc., the Firstie Perspective section of the Huffle-blog will be to give Firstie opinions, ideas, my views (as well as other Firsties) on classes and the Ravelry-sanctioned crafts and projects, and so on.

Come on, Hufflepuffs, we can do this! I've done the math and I've counted a total of 162 Badgers!

Let's take Winter 2012 by our Badgertastic abilities and personalities and have fun at the HPKCHC!


  1. YAY for Firsties! It seems you're not only "our" voice, but you also love chocolate muffins a lot. ;o)

  2. Of course. Virtual chocolate muffins are calorie free, what's not to love? And of course, they're CHOCOLATE!

    Don't forget all you other Firsties out there . . . I value your opinions, comments, ideas, updates and comments on your classes, projects, and anything HPKCHC. So please PM me on Ravelry so I can include it on the blog at some point in the term.

  3. Great post! Welcome to Hufflepuff to you and all the other firsties!