Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello from House Elf Liason Vilkasie

It only took two days (after being asked for my email address) to realize that -oh yes!- I need to log into my email and accept an invitation to post.  I would like to blame the itchiness of this towel but that would not be very elf-liason appropriate. (sigh)

This is the official blog call for recipes.  You can PM either myself or LadyPinky.  We are asking that you let us know if you have ever tried the recipe you have submitted; how it was received by those who ate it, and if you ever tried any variations of it.

If you have ever made your own lotions, cremes, shampoos, perfumes,  laundry detergent, or created your own dye - we would like to have those recipes too.  Please add any variations you have come up with and note how well your creation was received.  Submissions will be happily accepted until the end of the first week of March. There is a reason for that, but as we are not required to tell you - we won't!  You'll just have to wonder...

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  1. HUZZAH!! Great first post Vilkasie